Publication List

Below is a selected list of publications that Chris Holt has contributed to on Oil Fouling

Corrosion-fouling of 316 stainless steel and pure iron by hot oil

T Stephenson, A Kubis, M Derakhshesh, CMB Holt, P Eaton, B Newman, A Hoff, M Gray and D Mitlin 
Energy & Fuels, 25 (2011) 4540-4551

Effect of asphaltene stability on fouling at delayed coking process furnace conditions

M Derakhshesh, P Eaton, B Newman, A Hoff, D Mitlin and MR Gray 
Energy Fuels, 27 (2013) 1856-1864

Thiophene Mitigates High Temperature Fouling of Metal Surfaces in Oil Refining

T Stephenson, M Hazelton, M Kupsta, J Lepore, CMB Holt, A Kubis, EJ Andreassen, A Hoff, B Newman, P Eaton, M Gray, D Mitlin 
Fuel 2014

Electrocatalytic hydrogenation of aromatic compounds in ionic liquid solutions over WS2-on-glassy carbon and Raney nickel cathodes

A Tsyganok, CMB Holt, S Murphy, D Mitlin and MR Gray 
Fuel, 93 (2012) 415-422

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