Petrophase - Galveston

This year at Petrophase Athlon and Phase Sensors introduced their new microwire fouling test cards. For the first time Phase exhibited the planned collaboration to build an in-plant fouling test system using a windowed probe in conjunction with a micro wire test card. The patent for this work has been applied for and the resulting collaboration will lead to in plant fouling testing becoming a possibility. The standardization of testing cupons will lead to higher reproducibility in fouling testing across laboratories. The small size of the cupons will lead to higher resolution in measurement of fouling. Having multiple sensors in a small space will lead to significant improvement in throughput in fouling testing. These benefits were presented to several researchers in the fouling space. This was the first year that Dr. Chris Holt attended Petrophase and was an excellent learning opportunity for him. We can't wait for the next Petrophase in Mexico!

You can download the poster Here.

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