Richard Helfmann Joins Phase Sensors

Originally from Calgary, with an interest in robotics and electronics throughout high school, Richard came to the University of Alberta for a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. For his capstone project Richard built and developed a fully intelligent and interactive Connect Four Robot utilizing a local Edmonton company's specialized microprocessor called the XinC2. Post graduation he was brought into Dr. Thomas Thundat's research group at the National Institute for Nanotechnology developing the PicoScope tool, based on a micro-fluid cant

ilever. This incredibly small U-channel would have biomass flow through it while it mechanically resonates. The frequency response of this cantilever would garner insight into the viscosity and density of the biomass while a tunable infrared source would provide FTIR style analysis. Richard developed the piezoelectric driving circuit and fluid positioning pressure lines for this project. Richard has experience with PCB layout, circuit design, and Frequency sweeping analysis.

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