Terry Greeniaus Joins Phase Sensors Team

I started programming at a young age after watching dad program the University's Apple IIe that he would bring home for work. After high school, I pursued a BMus degree while working as a firmware developer writing proprietary BIOS code for an Austin, TX company called PowerLogix that was building upgrade cards for Apple desktops and laptops. From there, I eventually switched into science and completed my Computing Science degree in 2006. Afterwards, I joined an Edmonton company called YottaYotta that designed high-speed distributed storage appliances for use in enterprise data centers. YottaYotta was acquired by EMC in 2008 and EMC was later acquired by Dell (which became Dell/EMC) in 2016. I continued to work there until the spring of 2018. After a bit of time off, I joined Phase Sensors in the fall of 2018.

My programming experience includes:

- bare-metal BIOS-level firmware design

- driver implementations for many devices including:

- Mellanox 40Gb Infiniband HCAs

- Emulex and Broadcom 10Gb and 1Gb Ethernet NICs

- PMC Sierra and Emulex 8Gb and 16Gb Fibre Channel HBAs

- many x86 motherboard devices

- many I2C devices including temperature sensors, EEPROMs and MCUs

- interrupts and interrupt controllers

- high-speed reliable message-passing over multi-transport networking

- message-passing over Ethernet, TCP, UDP, Infiniband, FC, PCI-PCI nontransparent bridges and shared memory mappings

- userspace and kernelspace development

- fault-tolerant designs for high-availability systems

- fluent in C/C++, Python, x86 and PowerPC assembly

- fluent in multi-threaded and multi-processing design

Hobbies include:

- OS dev

- running

- playing the piano

- the occasional road trip on my Harley

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