Richard Hull Joins Phase Sensors Team

Richard worked for Ingenuity Lab from 2016 to 2018. He was responsible for managing a research group within the Lab and three research labs (Electro-Optics, 3D Printing and Alternative Fuel Technology). As the leader of the Engineering Group, he supported a wide range of projects across Ingenuity Lab by supporting data acquisition hardware and software. Within his group, the main research emphasis was on research work on microfluidic arrays using electro-optics to change the surface chemistry of polymers, collaboration with the polymer scientists in the Ingenuity Lab, and work on developing advanced sensors based on functionalized nanowires and surface acoustic waveform for biosensors.

Richard’s expertise in the design of electronic systems (hardware and software) and instrumentation was essential to the successes of the Ingenuity Lab. He was able to manage his time effectively while supporting multiple projects, and make significant technical contributions. In addition to research , he managed all procurement and HR matters for the engineering group and managed the resources of the group. He was a valuable contributor to the Ingenuity Lab team and was highly regarded by all of the scientists and technicians for his skills and dedication.

Previously, Richard worked as a Research Scientist working in the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department at the University of Alberta. He graduated from Oxford University in 2009 with a degree in Nanotechnology. His initial career was in the aerospace industry as an Electronics R&D Engineer on defense projects dealing with military radar systems in the United Kingdom. He later worked for the Canadian Space Agency at SPAR Aerospace in Toronto. His area of expertise includes power electronics, data processing, telecommunications, and robotics.

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