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This morning I heard about companies offering to help in the current Covid-19 crisis with manufacturing or supplies.  We have a few tools for fixing and building small parts close to the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton.  We would like to help in any way that we can.  We could likely fix and troubleshoot broken electronic equipment and small metal tools that require welding for simple repairs.    


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Laser Welding

We can make precision orbital welds on small circular parts and tubes.  We can also repair small stainless steel tools and parts with spot welds and seam welds.  Weld depth of up to 2 mm in stainless steel.  Welding of different metals.    

Form Labs 3D Printing

We have experience printing in high temperature resin for making autoclavable plastic parts. 

Laser Cutter

We have a laser cutter for cutting teflon, and acrylic plastic for making small planar parts.  Can also be used for precision cutting of fabrics or paper.   

Small Metal Lathe

We can make a variety of small cylindrical parts and tools from stainless steel. 

Small Metal Mill

We can make a variety of small parts and fixtures from Aluminum and Ceramic and Plastic. 

Chemical Fume Hood

We have extensive experience with nickel and gold electroplating and metal etching.  We are comfortable with a wide range of wet processing. 

Metal Workshop

We have a drill press, saw, and files for making adjustments and fabricating small metal parts. 

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