Phase provides a full fluid handling system for conducting fouling experiments that contains a chamber for heating and sparging the feed material, a flow combining system for mixing feeds, and a testing region where four fouling test cartriges can be installed, allowing for 12 temperature and fouling time combinations.

Our fouling test cartridges allow for repeatable and high throughput testing of multiple different oil feedstocks. To start a new test simply remove a cartridge and install another one. Each test card has three microfabricated beams approximately 100 micrometers wide, 20 micrometers thick and 2 milimeters long. Each beam can be individually heated to a temperature setpoint to conduct a fouling test. The small thermal mass and size of the beams allows for increased fouling thickness sensitivity compared to current state of the art hot wire testing equipment.

Our rugged microfabricated phase sensors allow for multiple fluid parameters to be measured at a single high pressure feedthrough. This allows for accurate analysis of oil/water/gas ratios in mixed flow situations where separate sensors results in poor data. The sensor shown below consists of a fluid electrical conductivity probe, a fluid dielectric constant probe, and a fluid thermal conductivity probe. The sensor is rated for a maximum temperature 400°C and a maximum pressure of 10,000psi.

With 8 years of experience in the field of sensor design for oil well logging and 6 years of microfabrication experience we are capable of building custom designed solutions for your sensing needs.