Phase Sensors sells a secure and scalable platform for monitoring sensor data and controlling pumps at multiple remote locations. Phase Sensors has implemented a solution for monitoring (ph, conductivity, ORP, Fluorescent Tracer, Brass and Steel Corrosion Rate) and controlling (chemical pumping rate for inhibitor and bleach, blowdown control) recirculating cooling water systems in refineries and chemical plants. Phase Sensors has also implemented a solution for monitoring pressure and temperature for offset oil wells during fracturing that incorporates rapid real time logging and GPS well location data. Phase Sensors also sells a compact oil fouling test system that is used in laboratories to quantify the efficacy of anti-foulants with specific oil feedstocks for delayed coking.

The core development team at Phase Sensors consists of a PhD electrical engineer with a background in opto nano mechanics, a PhD materials engineer with a background in hostile environment micro sensors and an MSc materials engineer with an extensive web programming background. We are able to rapidly develop complicated sensing systems from designing the sensor element, building the data acquisition platform, through to designing the real-time web interface.