Meet the XtalX Quartz Pressure Sensor

The World's Best Microfluidic Pressure Sensor.

Dead Volume is Crucial for Microfluidic Applications

Our dead volume is only 74 uL. Microfluidic chips require small sensor dead volumes for accuracy.  

High Accuracy through Ultra-Precision Calibrations

We use the best-automated equipment for our calibrations such as: the Ruska 7610 Digital Pressure Calibrator, Paroscientific Laboratory Standard and a RUSKA Primary Standard Deadweight.

Ultra Precision with Small Changes at Low and High Pressure

 It is now possible to observe 0.01psi pressure changes at 10,000psi with high clarity.

Creating Stability with Low Drift

The XtalX Quartz Pressure Sensor does not drift when holding pressure at 5,000psi over a period of four days.

Partnership with Interface Fluidics Case Study.

"Everyone using your quartz pressure sensors in the lab is really impressed with the stability of the readout, the accuracy, the low dead volume, and the high pressure range. We used your sensors in our minimum miscibility pressure (MMP) testing. MMP testing will play a big part in reaching our goals, and we will likely need to increase our pressure capabilities in the lab. Phase Sensors will be an important part of our lab operations going forward."

Tom de Haas MASc, PEng
COO and CoFounder
Interface Fluidics

Partnership with The Davis Lab at the University of Alberta Case Study.

Phase Sensors is collaborating with the University of Alberta (Davis Group) at the world’s coldest temperatures for measurement and calibration of pressure cells at sub-Kelvin temperatures.

The Technology Behind the XtalX Pressure Sensor.

Our quartz pressure sensor was not designed in the 1980's. We use advanced lithography and etching techniques to micro-machine each quartz and gold resonant sensor element. Each MEMS sensor is inspected with our optical laser interferometer. We designed our electronics in 2020 to use the latest technology for low power digital interfaces. Our quartz pressure sensor is designed for USB and provides effortless low latency digital measurements.

The Technology Behind the XtalX Density and Viscosity Sensor.

The benefits of quartz resonant sensors can be applied to fluid properties characterization. Quartz tuning forks are incredibly sensitive and stable sensors that can be used to discover the fluid properties that surround the resonant element. By vibrating a tuning fork in a liquid, you can make a precise measurement of the fluid viscosity and density. Our LUVD1 Quartz MEMS density and viscosity sensor integrates a high-precision Lock-In Amplifier with a quartz tuning fork element. We package the quartz tuning fork in a 15,000psi capable high-pressure feedthrough with an integrated high-precision temperature measurement.

The XtalX Quartz Pressure Sensors and Transducer

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