Meet the XTALX Pressure Sensor
The World's Best Microfluidic Pressure Sensor.

Fusing modern microfabrication and fundamental materials science to revolutionize ultra-precision pressure measurements.

01. Dead Volume

Crucial for Microfluidic Applications

Our dead volume is only 74 uL. Microfluidic chips often have volumes of only a few microlitres in total.  If pressure sensors interfaced with the chips have volumes thousands of times higher, it becomes challenging to monitor processes in the channels accurately.  Purging or filling large dead volumes can take hours through a tiny channel.  Our dead volume is over 10 times less than typical NPT style sensors.

02. Resolution

Small Changes at Low and High Pressure

Resonant pressure sensors provide the highest resolution available.  It is now possible to observe 0.1psi pressure changes at 10,000psi with high clarity. For this test, a RUSKA 7215i pressure controller with a maximum pressure range of 15psi was used.  This tool has 0.005% of reading precision and can create accurate small pressure changes.  The Omega (PX51-USBH 5,000psi full scale) and DJ Instruments (DFI-SS-01-7.5k-5V 7,500psi full scale) sensors did not respond to the small changes but The XtalX LUQS1 showed these changes clearly even with a full-scale range of 10,000psi.

03. Accuracy

Ultra Precision Calibration — NIST Tracable Calibration

We use the best-automated equipment for our calibrations. We have a suite of Ruska and Paroscientific secondary standards for our automated 400 point calibrations and regularly compare against our Ruska Primary Standard Dead Weight.

RUSKA 7610 Digital Pressure Callibrator
Paroscientific 745-20K Laboratory Standard
RUSKA 2400HL Primary Standard Deadweight
Plotting XTALX beside a Quartzdyne DMB002-020-177 and a Paroscientific 745 the sensor response and noise levels are nearly identical.

04. Stability

Low Drift

Holding a pressure at 5,000psi over a period of four days, the XtalX doesn't move at all while the  Omega gauges drift down by several psi.  The DJ Instruments sensor moves up and down by a few PSI.

The XTALX Quartz Pressure Sensor and Transducer

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